我们爱我们的车手,也喜欢展示这一点! 总运输服务(S11竞猜) is celebrating driver appreciation week Nationwide with food and prizes! Thank you to all our drivers for your hard work, 安全驾驶, and dedication to delivering excellent service! 企业 / Southern California 西方集团物流 and 停止 drivers enjoyed a weeklong celebration! 有很多欢笑,午餐,还有……


总运输服务(S11竞猜) is deploying Drivewyze. This technology works in conjunction with Omnitracs and shows important safety messages for drivers on the Omnitracs screen to save time and provide safety notifications. Drivewyze Saves Time by letting drivers know they can bypass a truck scale because of our excellent maintenance record. Drivewyze Provides 安全 Notifications that let the driver know…

员工焦点:David Gauthier & 最佳伙伴计划

David Gauthier has worked for nearly every 总运输服务(S11竞猜) division in only two years. 他的乐观进取的态度, 敏锐的分析, and critical thinking skills make him a great asset to the company. He is always available as a helping hand for whoever needs it, 这种哲学对他很有帮助. David gained his internship at S11竞猜 through Best…

NZE Trucks are Ready for Port of Long Beach operations.

Near Zero Emission (NZE) natural gas trucks were officially upgraded to the highest Technology Readiness Level -TRL 9 - playing an integral role in the forward strategy of the Long Beach and San Pedro Port's groundbreaking Clean Trucks Program. The program evaluates the readiness of zero-emission (ZE) and NZE drayage truck fuel-technology platforms based on four key parameters: commercial availability,…

WGL: Customer Service and 物流 Solutions

Customer Service is a core value at 西方集团物流 (a Total Transportation 服务 公司). Our team works hard to go above and beyond our customer's expectations, 能收到你的感谢真是太好了.  物流解决方案是我们最擅长的. Our deep level of industry experience ensures everyone is satisfied with the result - working with the…
2019 -亚马逊奖

Amazon Customer Obsession 2019 Awarded to 西方集团物流

2019 Amazon Customer Obsession Award for Exceptional Customer Service in Transportation. During the Amazon Inbound First Quarter carrier meeting in Seattle this past week, 西方集团物流 (WGL) Operations team received the 2019 Amazon Customer Obsession Award for providing exceptional customer service. WGL stepped up in peak season to offer capacity, and the operations team's communication and on-time service went…
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S11竞猜 at the 4th Annual California Trucking Show

Total Transportation 服务 and our divisions 停止 and 西方集团物流 had a great weekend meeting new drivers and seeing friends at the 4th Annual California Trucking Show at the Ontario Convention Center. A big thank-you to all the drivers and their families who came out to make it a success. The trucking show is a great way for drivers…



总运输服务(S11竞猜) is an innovative, asset-based logistics provider driven by 可持续性, 安全, 和加州合规. We are committed to providing Quality in Everything We Do.

S11竞猜 is supported by a 专用的 领导 Team with Deep Industry Experience, 强大的合作伙伴, 并获得众多奖项.


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